Musical Theatre Uniforms

Take2 Uniforms are supplied by Dance Portal Apparel – we don’t make any money on orders – you pay the company directly.

We request that you personalise uniforms by adding the student’s name/initials while ordering hoodies, t-shirts,  bags, bottles etc  so that they are easily identifiable if lost.


Little Stars: Wear Take2 Blue Zip Hoodie & Take2 T-Shirt in blue cotton. Black sports leggings (or any plain black bottoms) + bag etc if required. Black plimsoles or any laced runner.

Lights, Camera & Action: Wear any Take2 Hoodie, choice of Take2 T-Shirt (Cotton or Sport) black Sports Leggings (Boys – Black Tracksuit Bottoms) & any extras you like! Black laced runners, Bloch dance runners or black plimsoles.

Seniors: Are allowed any variation on uniform.

Dance Crew: Take2 Sports Crop top and/or Take2 Sports Vest with Sports shorts or leggings. Bloch dance runners available from Dance World.

London Trip: Students going to London can order the ‘London 2023 Hoodie’ (which can be worn as uniform for the year) + black leggings/tracksuit bottom & crop top/ dance shorts etc if required.