Client reviews

Saoirse Ronan


Congratulations To Pamela and all the dedicated students on your 25th anniversary. I hope wish upon a star is a great success and that all the students enjoy what is sure to be a wonderful, rewarding experience. Well done on all your hard work and of course “Break a leg”

“Yours in Acting”.

When I first walked into Pamela’s acting school, I was eleven years old and quite nervous because I had never done an acting class in my life. From the age of ten I knew I wanted to be in the performing arts. Pamela was very welcoming and I fell in love with the atmosphere in the class and looked forward to it every week. It was a lot of fun and Pamela was very encouraging and she really boosted my confidence!

I did all my certificate exams up to when I was eighteen years old.

I went straight into the Gaiety School of Acting for two years in 2007 after school and got one of the top agents in Ireland. I have learnt a lot about the acting industry and I am still learning. I am so happy that I started the drama classes at a young age. It is an unpredictable world that I am working in but that is what makes it so exciting! Pamela gave me such a great start

& I am so thankful to her for that, wishing you many many more years of happy teaching Pamela & thank you so much.

Jane McGrath

Leigh Arnold

My dearest Pamela,Where do I start? I suppose the beginning is always a good place. I began going to your drama classes is Tullow church when I was about 12. I was always a bit of a day dreamer in school and felt I truly came to life when I was performing. When my parents sent me to your classes I was overjoyed. Finally I had an opportunity to learn what I lived for and loved so much, acting. You always pushed me to achieve my best and were an excellent teacher. When I decided to audition for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC you em… we’re the only person I told! You helped my choose my pieces and prepared me for the gruelling audition process ahead. When I snuck off to London to audition ( not telling my parents) it was your words of encouragement that rang through my ears. I got accepted to AADA that September. It was all thanks to you. Out of over 10,000 people that auditioned for the school from all over the world I was one of 150 that were accepted. Not only have you been a wonderful teacher and mentor but you have become a true friend. We have been through a lot together. We started Take2 as we both shared the same vision of creating a local centre of performing arts for young people. It was an extension of your wonderful speech and drama school for which you are so highly thought of. I had to walk away from Take2 for personal reasons but you have continued and made it a massive success. I have no doubt that many future stars are walking through those hall doors every Saturday morning. I am very lucky to have had an excellent career. I starred in ‘The Clinic’ for 6 years, did a huge amount of theatre, a massively successful independent film called ‘Charlie Casanova’ and have just finished my new drama series ‘Deception’ along with another of your past pupils Sam Smith, And for all of this the one person I thank more than anyone is you. I love you and thank you for all your love and support over the years. Take 2 Performing Arts school are hands down the top performance school in Dublin. It covers a myriad of disciplines, singing, dancing and acting to an extremely high level. It’s hard to believe that some of the members of Take 2 are as young as 4 years. Take 2 put on a show in the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire each years and it runs for two consecutive nights. The energy level of the performers is at a professional standard, the production is first class. It is a well-oiled and smoothly run show. The interest and the devotion of all who work with the children is extremely obvious in this level of outcome. I feel it is not viewed as a job by all those who work towards the show but as a way of life. Congratulations to all on another brilliant success.
Both my daughters started at Pamela’s ‘Performing Arts School’ at the age of 4 – they are now 8 and 6 and both adore their Saturday singing, dancing and acting sessions every bit as much now as on the day they started. They have both gained in confidence and have fantastic new friends in addition to the many skills they have picked up along the way, including the importance of dedication, commitment and teamwork. The three-hour classes fly by and they come out invigorated and on a high every week. Pamela has also provided both girls with many opportunities to participate in a variety of external acting projects including T.V. commercials, promotional photo shoots, stage work and a short film for RTE. Pamela and her wonderful team have really added something special to both their lives.

Emer Phelan

Tanja O’Connor.

Through being in Take2 I have gained more confidence, not only in front of crowds (though I can now speak if front of groups of over a hundred without batting an eyelid), but also in being me. In Acting we learn to think on our toes by doing improvisation and to have good diction and speak more crisply which has been particularly helpful with Model UN and such. Take2 has helped me to broaden my horizons, as beforehand I had never even thought of singing or dancing. Now however, you’ll often hear me wandering around singing under my breath (or at the top of my voice) and I can’t listen to a beat without doing a pirouette or a pada beret (despite all the strange looks I get – I’m not crazy, I swear!). It’s clear that it has a massive impact in many and most aspects of my life.

There is a feeling of great achievement after every class and there is a fantastic atmosphere all round.

This is my fourth year with Take 2 and I’m still blown away by how incredible Pamela and the Crew are. The teachers are always friendly but take their roles very seriously and are very passionate about their art. They strive to develop each individual child’s abilities while making sure everyone’s having a good time. I am forever grateful to them for all they do to make my Saturdays magical and enjoyable.

In the words of esteemed playwright, William Shakespeare, ‘I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ‘

Isabel has been attending Take2 and Drama classes with you for some 7/8 years now. What can I say, she adores going every week. I dont know how she does it, between school and sport commitments, Isabel never has a moment, but there is just no way she would ever miss her drama, musical theatre or dance classes with Take2. She loves it so much. Over the years I have watched Isabel truly blossom and grow in confidence with Take2. Through Take2 we have seen Isabel learn to appreciate the arts of dance, drama, and poetry, be it through attending class, going to the many theatre outings and workshops, performing in the annual show, reciting poetry and prose so beautifully at the various feis days. All of this is achieved in a fun and truly supportive environment in which Isabel has made many great friends. It is great to know that whatever the occasion, Isabel has learned the skills to stand up and represent herself with pride and confidence, no matter what the situation. Above all else, for Isabel, Take 2 is fun. Many thanks Pamela, all of the above is achieved through your endless work and the talented team of people working with you.

Emily Gallagher

Action Class Group

Yvonne and David Marsh

My three children Saoirse (14), Isabel (11) and Oran (8) have happily attended classes with Pamela for many years. To be firm, fair, provide consistent encouragement and motivation is a hard combination to get right but somehow Pamela manages to do this beautifully year after year. It’s always great to see how the skills learned in class transfer to daily life. Saoirse got to use these skills while taking part in BT Young Scientist this year with one of her judges asking if she attended speech and drama classes. Isabel was fortunate to play the part of ‘Kate’ in the end of year production of Broadway Bound. It was a huge challenge for her and we were so proud to see how happy and confident she looked up on stage on ‘show night’. Oran is ‘sports mad’ and I genuinely thought that he would only go to classes for 1 year but he has just started year 3 and still loving it. I have put this down to the classes being creative, innovative and fun – a lovely positive learning environment. Pamela’s passion, wisdom and experience shines through in every kid that is lucky enough to experience her superb mentoring skills. Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done.
My daughter Clodagh has been a drama student of ‘Pamela Hughes’ for the last number of years. In that time she has learnt a huge amount and has blossomed in many different ways. Through preparing for and performing in the annual show, her self-confidence and self-esteem have grown which has had a very positive ‘knock on effect’ on other aspects of her life. This will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset to her in the future. In addition to all of that she absolutely loves going every week. It continues to be a source of excitement, friendship and fun and the novelty has quite simply never worn off! Pamela is a consummate professional who brings planning and organisation to a whole new level. She is hugely committed to ‘Take2’ and is constantly adding value to the proposition by offering new and exciting things for the girls to get involved in. She works extremely hard in making ‘Take2’ a top class Performing Arts school, while keeping it personal and most importantly, fun. I could therefore not recommend it more highly.

Phil O’ Keeffe

Liz Rolland

“My three children have all attended Pamela’s classes for the past 5 years or so and have all benefited enormously in terms of confidence but most importantly they all love attending their classes, taking part in the Feis each year and doing their exams. All of these experiences are seen as fun events in their calendar! All three now can stand up and confidently take part in debates, make speeches in school and stand on the stage with a confidence that has been nurtured over the last few years. I look forward to seeing what the next few years bring Michelle Power
I have been attending Pamela Hughes school of drama for 14 years now.. A child who had many hobbies I can firmly say drama was the one thing I looked forward to every week. Thanks to Pamela Hughes I found a genuine passion for something I now love. Pamela has taught my sister and I that drama is not simply acting, it involves teamwork, confidence, courage and personality. Pamela has always challenged me to embrace new challenges, take on new characters and pieces and to step outside my comfort zone. I credit Pamela with developing self confidence in all her pupils and teaching them the valuable skills of life, whether it is to step into a different reality, or the ability to speak eloquently and debate. I am always learning new things, meeting new people, making new connections, and most of all doing what I do best.. Being dramatic. Pamela instils a love of the art within every pupil and teaches us how the act of participation is just as good as winning a medal. We are all stars in her eyes, and she continues to be one in ours

Nicole Jones

Erika Doolan

I attended Speech & Drama classes with Pamela for over 10 years. I loved every minute of it especially mime and performing at the Feis every year. I was an extremely shy child and had not got a lot of confidence but Speech and Drama with Pamela changed my life. It taught me how to express myself, communicate with others and helped me to make the most of my creative personality. Later on, I taught Speech and Drama with Pamela for 2 yrs and then continued on for another 8 years in Wicklow. I now work as a Nutritionist presenting lots of workshops and helping others to understand the importance of diet and lifestyle. I can’t express enough how important Speech and Drama is, it really gives your child a great start in life.
‘My drama classes with Pamela were always my favourite time of the week as I was growing up. I attended classes for 13 years with Pamela & enjoyed every minute of them. Speech and drama are brilliant foundations to have; knowing you were able to address a group of people at a young age instils a great confidence in you when you are older and giving a public speech or a presentation. Without the experience I had of feis’ and exams at Pamela’s I wouldn’t have been able to fulfil my dream of attending drama school and receiving a degree in Acting in Manchester Metropolitan University.

Rebecca Gleeson

Ciara Daly

I started speech and drama classes with Pamela Hughes when I was seven, at that time I had no idea that I would go on to complete all grades with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama, or that I would achieve a distinction in the proficiency public speaking examination. I remember the day I first sat in Pamela’s class with my older sister and younger brother we were all so quiet and shy that I don’t think we actually spoke during the entire class. I am so grateful that my mother was so insistent on us going and made it her business to bring us every week. I now have the Associate Diploma (teaching) and the Licentiate Diploma (teaching) and it is with great thanks to Pamela for her belief in me and her support. When I first started attending Speech and Drama classes I had no idea how important they were going to be to me or how much they were going to shape my life. Pamela’s classes are always encouraging and fun, which is what helped me grow and gain confidence. I made new friends all the while gaining skills such as public speaking and communication, which have now proven themselves to be invaluable to me. The amazing personal contribution that Pamela makes to the social, creative and communicational development of her students is what inspired me to become a Speech and Drama teacher. Drama classes are invaluable to young children and teenagers, they allow children to act out scenes which they may encounter in their everyday lives, such as bullying and peer pressure giving the children ready tools to cope. Development is the main goal and Pamela’s classes have a lot to offer. I have nothing but the fondest of memories from my time as a student of Pamela Hughes. I am now teaching in Pamela’s school & enjoying every minute of it!
Ah drama classes. I remember them as if they were only yesterday. And so I should! Because it wasn’t all too long ago since I, once again, stood on that well-known spot on the carpet, arms down straight, no fidgeting, shoulders relaxed and developing tunnel vision by staring at that familiar spot on the wall while desperately trying to remember the words of my poem! Although I technically haven’t left the classroom yet as I am in the final stages of my Licentiate (Teaching) Diploma, I remember very fondly the early memories of being a pupil of Pamela’s. I remember the first poem I ever said: The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. I also remember how intrigued (and slightly intimidated) I was by the rigorous code enforced when saying poetry or when introducing an improvisation or a solo drama. It amazes me how, after all these years, the same format is still followed without fail! I remember the stress before exams and Feis’ and the excitement when they were over and the results came in. I remember panicking about not having my lines perfect because I wanted to do everything in my power to avoid that famous ‘look’ or slight panic-attack Pamela would have as the dates of examination or performance got closer and closer! I would be more afraid of disappointing her than failing the exam. Those days definitely taught me to work at the highest standards possible – something I still try in every aspect of my life today. Most of all I remember the laughter, the friends and the imagination. I never didn’t want to go to Drama class because it was a chance to unleash my creativity and build my confidence. I learned to work hard and have fun while doing it. There was always a feeling of accomplishment after every class – something I wouldn’t have gotten had I decided to stay home and watch TV! Currently I am studying BCL – Law with History at UCD and am (slowly!) completing my dissertation for the Licentiate (Teaching) Diploma to become a drama teacher. I spent a year assisting Pamela with her classes every Tuesday and helped backstage at her Take2 Performing Arts shows. This year I am doing my Erasmus in Berlin where I would love to get involved in the German drama scene.

Hanna Byrne

Rebecca Garrett

“When I was younger I tried my hand at many activities, my poor mother and father spent half their lives driving me to tennis/swimming/basketball/ballet etc and of course my weekly drama class with Pamela. I eventually lost interest ( as many kids do) with the numerous hobbies and sports and never spent longer than a year at most of them, all except one .. drama! I always looked forward to the weekly classes and even though effort and time had to be paid, I really didn’t mind because I enjoyed the work, the challenge and the friendships I made along the way. Even in a class of 12/15 students, Pamela somehow manages to include, motivate and give one-to-one time to each and every one of us. None of us had to be there but we wanted to and I believe that is because of Pamela. She is caring, motivating ,hard working and encourages each of her students to reach their own potential , best of all she does it with a smile. She has helped me in so many ways, but most of all to build confidence in myself and for that I will always be grateful . I’ll be sure to mention her in my Oscar wining speech!! ”
I began Speech and Drama with Pamela as a shy and quiet six year old. Fifteen years later I can honestly say that Drama is the best thing that I have ever done. I have gained great confidence and an ability to speak in public as well as loving every single minute along the way. Pamela is a truly amazing person who is adored by her students. Throughout the years I have performed in many Feis competitions and completed many Speech, Drama and Public Speaking exams. Recently, I have began teaching Speech and Drama and with Pamela’s help, I have completed the Associate Diploma with the ‘Irish Board of Speech & Drama’ and I am currently working towards the Licentiate Diploma. Congratulations on 25 years Pamela, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me.

Aideen Fallon

What our Parents said about ‘Wish Upon A Star’ (Pavilion Theatre 27th & 28th April 2013)

“Wow Pamela, I’m completely blown away. You and the team have surpassed yourselves. The show was fantastic. Such amazing confidence shown by the kids. What a great gift for them to have developed that at such a young age. I was bursting with pride to see my Clodagh shining brightly and loving every second. She has gone to bed inconsolable once again. She can’t bear the fact that’s it’s over, she really has been on cloud 9 for the last week. ‘ So thanks for everything and congratulations on such a great success” – Liz Rolland

“Pamela, First off, well done on the performance! it was absolutely fabulous and Dani really enjoyed herself. She would love to return to Take2 classes in September, so please put her name down!” – Teresa.

“HI Pamela and all of the gang. Congrats on a wonderful set of performances last weekend! Absolutely Fabulous!” – Best wishes, Martina & David

“Congratulations on a wonderful show Pamela!!! Alex really enjoyed it – thanks so much. The script, costumes, dancing and singing were all fantastic! Shauna and the other ‘Action girls were amazing, flawless and great role models for the younger ones :-)” – Fiona x

“Thanks Pamela. The show was amazing . Tara will definitely be returning to Take2 and dancing next year! Many thanks” – Karen Doran

“Hi Pamela, Many thanks for show last weekend, the girls really enjoyed it and we all loved it. Well done. Kind regards” – Silvia Cleary

“Hi Pamela, Congrats on a fabulous show last week end. The standard was truly fantastic. Kind regards” – Yvonne

“Pamela well done to you and your team again, Best wishes” – Elizabeth

“Hi Pamela ,Just wanted to say Laura loves Take2, she really enjoys the classes. You have all brought her on so much. The show was brilliant well done and thanks to all involved. It’s great when your daughter enjoys something so much. See u soon, X” – Denise and Joe Cosgrave

“Hi Pamela. Many congratulations on the show last weekend – it was fantastic & the costumes were gorgeous. Well done to you, Therese & all the team in Take”” – Lorraine.

“Thank you, great show, Congratulations” – Lisa Fitzpatrick

“Thank you for a truly amazing show” – Jane Golden

“Congrats to you all on another great show” – Catherine Hickey

“Many thanks to you both and all the crew for two great shows. Saoirse and Isabel loved every second. Dominic was still singing High School Musical this morning!” Phil O’Keeffe

Pamela, I am delighted to congratulate you on your 21 years of commitment to speech and drama. From your time as one of my students in Sion Hill you have certainly gone from strength to strength. I know you have, through your courses, helped hundreds of young boys and girls move from being shy and introverted to confident, sociable, enthusiastic young men and women. Their experiences of the classes they attend is a life enhancing experience for them, and one which their parents and families know you have dedicated all of your energies to over the years. I want to wish you continued success in all your endeavours.

Mary Hanafin T.D.

Minister for Social and Family Affairs

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Pamela, Sophie & Dalton just love their Drama classes & Take 2 Performing Arts School is the best part of our childrens week, to see them so excited is great, we love listening to poetry & songs they have learned not to mention the dance grooves our daughter is teaching me, love it!

Hi Pamela, ….Thanks to you and the other teachers involved, Stephen is now a confident young man who walks around with his head up. Many people have told me that they have noticed this change in him, and it all started soon after he started attending your acting school. It is great to see him happily and confidently leading his life, singing a solo at school assembly in front of his teachers and approximately 480 pupils and not batting an eyelid! He is so happy and thoroughly enjoying life.

Thank you!


Rita Jones Blackrock.

My two daughters have attended Pamela Hughes Drama School since they were 4 years of age (they are now 11 and 13 years old!) At the beginning of each academic year, I try to reduce the amount of extracurricular activities they undertake. I am greeted always with the same reply ‘no, not drama, I’m never giving up drama!’ They never seem to tire of it…. look forward to it every week. Whilst they enter for exams, Feiseanna and public speaking, there is also a great sense of fun and enjoyment in the school. Many children join the school for different reasons. Some may want to improve their level of confidence, some may have minor speech defects and some may want to act. Whatever the reason, I really believe that Pamela helps each and every one of them to achieve their potential. It is marvellous to see the level of friendship the students build up over the years. For my children, they have gained great self confidence and strength of character which can only stand to them in the future. THANK YOU PAMELA!
I have known Pamela Hughes for ten years, ever since my son started Speech and Drama at the age of five. He was an extremely shy and timid child but, through his experience in the classes with Pamela, his confidence improved, he scored very high grades in his exams and was successful at all the competitions in which he took part. He now has the confidence to read in public and to address a crowd if called upon to do so. My daughter started speech and drama with Pamela at the age of four and straight away got a part in the movie “Disco Pigs”, which was directed by Kristen Sheridan and starred Cillian Murphy and Elaine Cassidy. Sarah really enjoyed the experience and has continued speech and drama into her secondary school years. She is doing her Grade Seven Leinster School of Music exam this year and has been extremely successful at all the Feiseanna in which she participated. She absolutely loves her Speech and Drama classes and always comes out from them with an extra bounce in her step. My youngest daughter has been doing Speech and Drama with Pamela for the past three years and her experience has been just as positive as the others’. She has performed well at both her Feiseanna and Speech and Drama exams and is enjoying the experience as much as her siblings. My three children have certainly gained a lot from their participation in Pamela’s classes: they are more confident and articulate and have had opportunities they would not otherwise have had. Pamela always approaches the children in the same gentle, patient and measured way and only ever offers positive feedback with a guide as to how to improve on their already great work. Both my husband and I are delighted to have Pamela as the children’s drama teacher and – more importantly – the children love having Pamela as their teacher.

Margaret Gallagher Rathmichael

Co. Dublin.

Aine Coleman Blackrock

A grateful parent
My 2 older daughters Jenny (aged 21) and Ruthie (aged 19) just adored Pamela. They attended her classes through Primary and Secondary Schools. They really loved her classes. Of all their after school activities (which were many), Speech and Drama was the one activity they loved most. They would not miss a class nor would they give it up even during their Leaving Certificate years. Pamela generated amongst her pupils a great atmosphere and camaraderie. My youngest daughter Emma (aged12) is just the same now. Continued success to you Pamela and your Drama School and now your new Casting Agency. Thanks for all the confidence you engendered into my girls.
Our 11 year old daughter Giselle has been attending Pamela Hughes Drama School since she was 6. She has now developed into a confident and articulate speaker who relishes the challenge of public speaking, debates and all speech and drama activities. What’s more… she thoroughly enjoys drama and it has been and continues to be a very positive and creative influence in her life. She adores the classes and Pamela is hugely motivational in getting all her pupils to participate and to do their best. She constantly encourages them and takes great pride in all their achievements. I cannot speak highly enough of her.

Colette D Keenan

Connie Collins Katie Collins’ mum Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

My daughter Katie has attended Pamela Hughes for the last 12 years.  Having started at the age of 5, it is the one class that she never wants to miss and in 12 years year’s she has only missed 3. Participating in the class and learning about drama has helped Katie to develop and blossom.  As well as attending the weekly class Katie has performed in the IDAC Feis every year and has successfully completed all her drama grades and at present is preparing for her Diploma. Katie has performed in the Christmas ‘Panto’ in the Olympia and numerous advertisements which have provided her with many enjoyable memories and enduring friendships. As a mum I can honestly say that sending Katie to Pamela Hughes Drama School is one of the best decisions I have made and I would highly recommend giving it a go for any child.   It fosters confidence, social skills and an ability to speak in public.  Pamela is a very special teacher in that she brings out the best in every child regardless of their attributes.

My son Colm has been attending the Pamela Hughes Drama School & Casting Agency for the past 8 years. I believe this Drama School really gets the very best out of children. It is very professionally run and well organised. Since joining the Pamela Hughes Drama School my son has grown in confidence. He has no problem taking part in plays, public speaking and is confident in expressing his opinion. The children don’t just gain confidence but they gain a lot of knowledge about voice projection, an appreciation of plays and poetry, interaction with other children on and off the stage and a great respect for all performers. The teacher, Pamela Hughes, sets a very high standard for her pupils and encourages them to achieve the highest possible marks. Taking part in the IDAC Feis annually is really a brilliant opportunity for the children to compete with their peers and to overcome their fears of performing in front of a crowd. Pamela encourages each one to take part and reminds them to enjoy the experience because after all that is important for the children, and in later life they shall reap the rewards by being able to speak in public, debate and give talks and demonstrations with great confidence.

Breege Egan

Peter Priestley.

My Son Karl has attended Drama Classes with Pamela Hughes for approx 10 years now. Karl has both enjoyed & clearly benefited from the experience. He has participated in end of year shows, Feiseanna, and taken his grade exams. He also attended castings and was delighted to have been offered parts in an ‘Avonmore Milk’ and ‘VHI’ commercial. The experience of being on a set and seeing how the commercial was filmed was a wonderful experience. He enjoyed the ‘Pay cheque’ also!!! Cheers Pamela & continued success
My daughter Catherine, started with Pamela Hughes drama school when she was five. She was a shy and quiet girl and used to whisper her poems. Now two years later Catherine can stand up in front of a group of people and recite her poems with confidence.

Carol McCaffrey

Jackie Lambert.

My daughter has been attending The Pamela Hughes School of Drama for the past five years now & it is the only after school activity that I see her running and skipping into. She really loves it. Amy has also achieved level four in her drama exams & recently had a part in the very successful play “Oliver” which was performed in the Millhouse Theatre in Dundrum. I would highly recommend Pamela as a drama teacher as she has a very special quality about her & brings the best out of any child.
The Daly Family My 5 children have been attending Speech & Drama under Pamela’s tutorship for the past eight years. During this time they have grown in confidence and have enjoyed many happy times preparing for exams, Feis and year end presentation. Our eldest daughter Christina is presently working towards achieving her Diploma and is delighted that her tenth grade last year was not the end of her Drama classes with Pamela. They have all made many friends and have enjoyed hours of fun in a stimulating and challenging environment. Our second daughter Ciara comfortably achieved a Certificate in public Speaking last year. My son Darragh was cast in a ‘Road Safety’ TV Commercial, which was a wonderful opportunity for him. Pamela is absolutely wonderful with children of all ages and inspires a large degree of loyalty from all her students. I continue to be amazed by my children’s increasing confidence with those around them. Well done Pamela and a sincere thank you for all you have given my children.

Niamh Daly

Rebecca Gleeson

I began Speech & Drama classes with Pamela at the age of six, not yet knowing what a huge effect acting was going to have on my life! Over the years, taking part in the Feis’ and shows and completing my diploma in solo acting gave me the experience and confidence I needed to persue my dreams and audition for drama schools. I am now in my first year of a BA Hons Degree in Acting in Manchester and I know I couldn’t have done it without Pamela’s support, encouragement & enthusiasm. One of my other classmates ‘Sam Smith’ from Pamela’s is also a student here and feels the same way, so many thanks Pamela & wishing you continued success.